An encountering between European and Chinese participants to ACM program

By Dionysia Lagiou

“The bright highlights I choose to remember from the 2020 Covid lockdown are the months I attended the ACM programme by MentoringCo, which offered me a virtual journey to Shanghai, for learning and practising mentoring together with a group of excellent Chinese coaches. The fact that I was the only non-Chinese participant made us all “stretch” and be open to mutual learning through our diversity and the common lenses of MentoringCo. I hope it was as rewarding for them as it was for me. The special gift I got was the weekly peer-coaching habit we took with one of my Chinese partners, a seasoned ICF credentialed coach who wanted to become a mentor. Every Thursday I had the opportunity to “speak" from afar the global language of mentoring and coaching with this great colleague and now a friend.”

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