Launch of the first cohort of the ACM program in Shanghai


The launch of the first cohort of the Associate Certified Mentor (ACM) program was made in April 2020 when travel was still prohibited due to the pandemic, both inside China and from Europe. Yet, the Zoom platform did not prevent the group - Shanghai, Beijing and Brussels - from making close acquaintances and to learn to build the relationship and effectively work together on a remote basis. Prof. Sylviane Cannio and Fisher Yu animated this first module of four days on the definition of mentoring, the difference/resemblances with coaching-tutoring-advising and other professions, the process of establishing corporate mentoring programs, etc. Sylviane made several demos of mentoring with a coach attitude so that participants could be immediately immersed into the practice. Delegates could immediately practice the lessons learnt and enjoy the strength of the process. This helped maintain a high energy also due to the large amount of questions and interactions generated by participants.

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