Mentoring programs for schools and universities

MentoringCo is participating in several programs in different universities, mainly in China, Europe and North Africa.

The aim of each program is to support students with mentoring that will help them enhance their studying methodology, time management, ability to talk in public, self-confidence, and other “classical” themes that they find on their academic journey. In some cases, mentoring is organized between former students, now executives in corporations, to current students in order to help them find their way in professional life.

Programs can be organized at different levels:

  • PhD students to MA and BA
  • MBA to other students
  • Alumni to last-year students

MentoringCo’s role is to help the university set up the program, train the future mentors, and support their first practice as well as offering supervision.

For further information on Academic Mentoring Programs: click here

Mentoring for parents who raise future responsible adults

Unless they are in a close relationship with their own parents, new parents do not benefit from any particular training on ‘how to raise a future responsible adult’. This need is universal and concerns all sociological systems.

By talking to MentoringCo, we can share with you good practices that will help you support your children throughout adolescence and transform them into good contributors to society and future generations.

For further information on Parental Mentoring: click here

The Mentoring Club to create the first and largest network of mentors around the world

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