More than half a million participants to the CFO-Development Centre and MentoringCo webinar on mentoring for CFOs

Sylviane Cannio, Fisher Yu and Mike Wang proudly represented MentoringCo at the webinar organized by the China CFO Development Centre on August 28th, 2021. More than half a million participants did not move from their screens for more than three hours. It is to say that the animators knew how to captivate the Chinese CFOs on the benefits of mentoring in their organizations. Even though the number of participants was major, interaction could take place and questions could be answered. The most important point was to demonstrate how leadership of the 21th century has moved from a ‘telling mode’ to an ‘asking mode’ and provides more and more space to empowerment, trust, teamwork, well-being, and teams’ sustainability. This will help to open the windows for CFOs to explore the powerfulness and effectiveness of mentor mentality for CFO as a senior executive.