Three of MentoringCo’s partners are presenters at the Global EMCC Conference held on June 7-9 virtually. Hundreds of world-class mentors, coaches and supervisors are expected to attend this major event.

Fisher Yu and Sunshine Zhou will hold a session on “How does formal corporate mentoring work in China?” and explain how MentoringCo position themselves in the framework of the development of mentoring in China and in the world.

Felicia Lauw will talk about The Mystery, the Myth and the Reality of Supervision, together with Ken Giglio and Angela Keane. They are all members of the EMCC Supervision Centre For Excellence. The session will provide an update to the definition of supervision and invite all to an experience of group supervision.

Finally, Sylviane Cannio will hold a networking session together with Maria Biquet (Athens) on the theme ‘How to remain Positive when the Environment is Not?” and see how mentors, coaches and supervisors rely on specific rituals to remain as emotion-neutral as possible and keep morale high so that they are in better position to support their interlocutor.

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