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According to EMCC, Mentoring is a developmental process, which may in some forms involve a transfer of skill or knowledge from a more experienced person to a less experienced person, through learning, dialogue and role modelling. In other forms may be a partnership for mutual learning between peers or across differences such as age, race or discipline

Most of us have experienced some form of mentoring: formal or informal. More and more companies are turning to mentoring as an essential business tool and making it an integral part of contemporary job culture. Indeed, most Fortune 500 companies have some formal mentoring program and this trend is increasing in smaller organisations as well.
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Corporate Mentoring Programs

The One-Stop-Service entry point for all your corporate programs: from global to local, for all sizes of organizations.
Short trainings with the basic toolkit for installing mentoring programs inside organizations, aimed at C-Suite Leaders, HR, L&D

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Trainings for organizations and for mentors

Accredited trainings (EMCC EQA) for future internal/external accredited mentors and for mentoring program managers

Mentoring at Large

Mentoring programs for schools and universities Mentoring for parents who raise future responsible adults The Mentoring Club to create the first and largest network of mentors around the world

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