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At MentoringCo, we provide:

4 standard types of customized services

Trainings & Accreditations


Tacit Knowledge Management (TKM)


Corporate Mentoring

Tacit Knowledge Management (TKM)

International Conferences

TKM Forum in various countries

TKM Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Global Mentoring Club

Corporate Membership

Individual Membership

MentoringCo offers a range of valuable products and services that are designed to enhance the mentorship experience, drive personal and professional growth, and create lasting impact for individuals and organizations.


Training Programs

EMCC Accreditation Mentor

EMCC accreditaed Mentoring Program
13 days course,learn the practitioner level of mentoring skillset, preparing for EMCC mentor certification.

Corporate Mentoring Program

A standardized course, with plenty of toolbox and well-organized process for designing successful corporate mentoring program.

Basic Mentoring Skills Program

This program focuses on building a strong foundation for effective mentorship and lays the groundwork for successful mentor-mentee interactions.

Bridge coach to mentor program

To bridge the accredited coach to be qualified mentor with EMCC mentor accreditation

Customized training program

We can design the right program based on client’s specific needs for in-house training.

Consulting Services

Mentoring Consulting

Mentoring consulting services provided by MentoringCo offer tailored solutions to organizations seeking to establish or enhance their mentorship programs. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals, design customized mentoring initiatives, and provide expert guidance throughout the implementation process.

In Tacit Knowledge Management (TKM)

Training Programs

Tacit Knowledge Manager (TKM)

GO-TKM TQA approved, train people to be qualified for tacit knowledge manager (TKM) and obtain various levels of GO-TKM accreditations

CEO's strategy on Tacit Knowledge Management

By developing a comprehensive strategy for Tacit Knowledge Management and actively supporting initiatives that promote the sharing and utilization of tacit knowledge, the CEO can create a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration that drives organizational success.

Tacit Knowledge Management Theory & Practice

It will help individuals to learn the thoery & pratice in tacit knowledge management. 

Tacit Knowledge Capturing & Sharing

By implementing strategies for capturing and sharing tacit knowledge, organizations can create a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation that drives success and competitive advantage.

Lessons Learned

Learning from lessons-made will help us to capture tacit knowledge from that person.

ISO KM 30401 implementation and audit

We will train our clients on how to implement ISO KM 30401 properly and complete its self-auditing to ensure our clients knowledge management have reached a very high level.

Consulting Services

Tacit Knowledge Management (TKM) Consulting

At MentoringCo, we provide customized TKM consulting services to help organizations identify, capture, and leverage the tacit knowledge that resides within their employees for better talent development and better  business performances. 

Our Clients

MentoringCo specializes in providing professional services to multinational corporations, international organizations, government entities, and businesses of all sizes, both domestic and international. With expertise spanning across various industries, we are dedicated to supporting your organization’s needs with tailored solutions that drive success on a global scale.