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Tacit Knowledge Management and Corporate Mentoring Service Provider

Originated in 1981, MentoringCo, a corporate mentoring service provider for leading companies across the globe. MentoringCo is an established brand in professional mentoring and organizational tacit knowledge management training and consulting.
Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, it has offices in 41 countries or regions, with over 600 professional experts to serve our clients worldwide.


Our Leadership

Felicia Lauw


Arshad Ali


Sylviane Cannio


Fisher YU


Cicero Carvalho


Our Culture


We envision a world where professionals access invaluable wisdom from experienced mentors across borders and industries.


Customer Focus;
Value Creation; Quality;
Respect for Knowledge and Wisdom.


To excel in providing tacit knowledge and corporate mentoring services by unlocking potential, fostering growth, and innovating to solve business challenges.

Why MentoringCo

1.  Leading global tacit knowledge management and corporate mentoring service provider.
2.  One-stop service in 41 countries, global quality, local delivery.
3.  One global mentoring management system (with PC and Mobile version).
4.  40 years of proven international client experience serving many champion companies arround the world with outstanding performance track.
5. Working to highest professional and ethical standards – EMCC and GO-TKM.
6. Continuously innovating and bringing cutting edge solutions to solve business challenges through mentoring.
7. Delivering with consistency – irrespective of client, industry, market or language.
8. Being flexible and easy to be replicated by clients.
9. Our corporate mentoring service can be easily rolled out across  many units of your organization.

MentoringCo Country Partners

Results That Build Reliability

Our Expertise


R&D Capabilities:

MentoringCo boasts a diverse professional research team from 41 countries and regions worldwide, with 70% holding a PhD, and 25% a Master’s degree.

Supported by 3 key organizations:
1. The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
2. The Global Think-Tank for Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM)
3. The International Professional Mentoring Association (IPMA)


Professional Team:

500+ EMCC-certified senior consultants with extensive experience in corporate mentoring and consulting.
80% hold a master’s degree or higher, bringing expertise from various industries.

100+ experts specializing in tacit knowledge management, 95% with PhDs from renowned universities. They have led successful projects for government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and international organizations, and contributed to developing the ISO Knowledge Management 30401 standard.


Ethics & Quality:

We are a trusted provider specializing in mentoring and Tacit Knowledge Management. We envision a better world where every professional has access to invaluable wisdom and guidance from experienced mentors, transcending borders, and industries.

Our methodologies are accredited by GO-TKM and EMCC, with qualitative and quantitative feedback integrated into our program management. We also advocate for independent health checks by third-party auditors.